The QGel example


To kick-off QGel, we needed a strong corporate identity expressing innovation and cutting-edge technology. Soleil Graphic Design professionally acted upon that request. We now have a modern and personalized logo, striking and aesthetic brochures and an ergonomic booth for trade fairs. Thank you for having contributed to our success!

Colin Sanctuary

The company

QGel is a Swiss start-up in the life science industry. QGel designs and sells bio-tech products for research and development. The key product is a synthetic matrix for cell growth in 3D. This innovation is revolutionizing the field of tissue engineering and cancer research.

The process

At first QGel needed basic communication tools to contact investors and potential clients. I designed a logo and created a visual identity. This was followed by templates for Powerpoint and Word, as well as business cards and a corporate brochure.

New communication needs soon became apparent. It was now time to relay this innovative technology and its products. I designed a brochure, a trade fair booth, packaging material, labels and technical data sheets. Designing the QGel website was a key task during this phase, in the course of which QGel’s visual identity was fine-tuned.

Close cooperation with the QGel team and their trust enabled me to create a visual identity that stands out from the crowd. QGel now has a personalized set of communication tools that is both original and intelligent.

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The success

of QGel is first of all due to the innovative technology. Visual communication supports this success by leaving a strong impression.

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